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My family settled in the White Mountains in 1876 and as a fifth generation Arizona native and lifelong resident of northern Arizona, I have a deep love in my heart for the people and community of this region.

I am married to Richard Allen, and we have 5 married children and 19 incredible grandchildren.  Over the years Rick and I have been small businesses owners which has giving me a lot of experience in all aspects in running a business including bookkeeping.  I truly understand how government taxes and regulations can impact the ability of business owners to be profitable.

I consider Legislative District 6 the rural heart of Arizona. We owe much to the Pioneers and Native Americans who developed and shaped this land to benefit those of us who live here today.


My guiding compass is the Constitution and its founding principles, which include: limited

government, lower taxes, free markets, and personal responsibility.


My motivating factors for running for reelection include my desires: to continue my work as the Chairwoman of the Senate Education Committee because of my sincere love and appreciation for all our students, to strengthen the free market economy in rural Arizona for our families, to continue promoting good, sound policy that benefits all of us, and to continue fighting to ensure rural Arizona receives our fair share of your tax dollars to help us address problems like homelessness and mental health in LD6.




  • Arizona Technology Council 2020 Legislative Endorsements

  • Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce

  • Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • Arizona Police Association

  • Arizona State Troopers Association

  • Arizona Policy Center

  • Home Builders Association of Central Arizona Political Action Committee 

  • National Rifle Association - A

  • Congressman Andy Biggs

  • Congressman Paul Gosar

  • Congresswoman Debbie Lesko

  • Walter Blackman and Brenda Barton

  • Supervisor Jason Whiting

  • Sheriff Scott Mascher


  • ARC – Appreciation Award for advocating for people of intellectual and developmental disabilities, 2017

  • AFP Champion of the taxpayer, 2016, 2017

  • Arizona Parents for Education -Golden Apple award, 2016 and 2018

  • Council for Exceptional children AZ – Outstanding Leadership Award, 2018

  • AZ PTA – Voice for Children Award, 2018

  • American Conservative Union, 2016, 2017, 2018 100%

  • Friend of the Family, 2016, 2017, 2018

  • Coconino Community College Foundation, Appreciation Letter, 2018


  • Arizona Republican Party PC and served as County Chairman from 2000-2005.

  • NRA

  • Goldwater Institute

  • Arizona Defense League

  • Heritage Foundation

  • Heartland Institute


  • Freedom 21




Legislative district 6 covers a large portion of nothern Arizona. Our district stretches from the Roosevelt lake up to the White Mountains, and stretches from Payson to Flagstaff, and the beautiful red rocks of Sedona up to Tusayan and the base of the Grand Canyon. Our district encompasses a large and incredible portion of Arizona.  


Our district has over 218,000 people and one of the premier universities in Arizona, Northern Arizona University. 


Legislative district 6 is filled with natural resources and an abundance of opportunity. The large population centers of Phoenix and Tucson have been gaining jobs oftentimes at the expense of our district. Endless possibilities are available throughout the district, and I will fight to bring more jobs to our communities.



US Congressman & President of Freedom Caucus

I encourage the voters of District 6 to re-elect Senator Sylvia Allen. I asked Senator Allen to be my President Pro Tempore because I knew that I could trust her to protect the Arizona taxpayers, defend our liberties, and help to balance our state budget. Senator Allen has consistently defended conservative values at the legislature, and it has been reflected in her positions and voting record. Sylvia has the experience, character, and determination to protect our freedoms, as well as our individual and constitutional rights. I consider Senator Allen a great friend to me and all of Arizona's citizens, and strongly endorse her for re-election to the State Senate, District 6.


US Congressman

Sylvia Allen has a long record of public service.  I have come to count on her in the State Senate for common sense conservative solutions and her tenacious fighting spirit.  We have worked together on key issues and she is a reliable, smart and dedicated public official that we need more of these days.  Please vote for Sylvia as she has earned our trust, our respect and our vote.

Scott Mascher

Yavapai County Sheriff

Senator Allen sponsored and passed a Bill that truly helps those in need with mental illness. The “Reach Out Bill”, has a statewide vision to decriminalize those with mental health conditions and get them to the resources and treatment they need rather than incarceration. More efforts on the front end of the criminal justice system, lessens the likelihood of jail and prison. Senator Allen has a passion for working with those who suffer behavioral health issues and it was a pleasure to work with her on this legislation.



  • Re-elected to the Arizona State Senate, District 6 -2014

  • Served as President Pro Tempore. - Under three Senate Presidents

  • Chairman Education Committee 

  • Elected as Navajo County Supervisor 2012

    • As Supervisor she served as; 

    • President of the Arizona/New Mexico Coalition of Counties,

    • Board member of the Little Colorado River Resources Conservation District, 

    • Board member of the Northern Arizona Council of Governments Community Action  

    • Board member of the Navajo County WIA (Workforce Investment Act)

    • Appointed by the Arizona Corporation Commission to the Transmission Line Sitting Committee.  

  • She represents Navajo County at the USWFS meetings on the Expansion of the Mexican Wolf.  She also supports the REAL AZ Economic Regional planning and the Natural Resource Working Group, focused on the forest industries and health.

  • Served in AZ Senate 2008-2012

    • Was appointed to finish former Senator Jake Flake’s term and then elected to the Senate. 

    • As a State Senator, Allen served in leadership positions at the Arizona State Senate, including President Pro Tempore. She also served as chairman of the Border Security, States’ Rights and Sovereignty Committee, and is currently serving as Chairman Education Committee,  and members of  Natural Resource and  Appropriations Committees. 

    • She was also appointed to supplemental committees:

    • Chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee on Climate Change

    • Chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee Forest Health

    • Co-Chairman of the Ad Hoc Mining Regulation Committee

    • Member of the JCCR Committee and Arizona Legislative Council Committee.

The last 25 years Sylvia has been involved with rural issues: forestry, grazing, mining, farming, protection of water rights and watersheds, wildlife, access and use of public lands, recreation, property rights, land use plans, and jobs for families.



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